Writer & Geek

The first time the Writer and the Geek sat together to record was back in 2015. It was for a self-improvement (supposedly) podcast hosted by the Geek. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the episode featuring the Writer became its last and was never aired.

Who are we?

We are two brothers who love having late-night conversations on science, history, and technology. And no, we are not twins!

What is our purpose?

Fast forward three years, the Geek suggested the idea of documenting these livingroom conversations and sharing them with the world. The Writer agreed, reluctantly. And here we are. We have just closed a year of podcasting and have listeners across six continents, looking at you Antarctica!

We aim to empower you by making you knowledgeable about things you would never research, otherwise. Like seriously, who would spend hours researching the history of toothbrushes?

We would like our listeners to find something interesting in our catalogue of episodes which might spark a little interest to look just a little bit more into these simple and complicated things in life. Who knows, you might just impress the crowd at the next party.

If you feel that our show has been helpful in any way, please go ahead and give us a review on iTunes. If you feel we suck, let us know why and we’ll try and fix it. If we still suck, go ahead and leave a sucky review on iTunes! If it is easier, you can just drop a comment below and we’ll take it as a testimonial.