The mechanics of coffee by Vishnu Padmanabhan on

So, for some reason, you have ended up on this page. Maybe you hated our content and wanna find out ways to reach us so that you can tell us how crappy our show is. Or you guys wanna tell us how amazing our show is and that you have binge listened to our episodes. Or it might be just to say hi.

Well, there are various ways to reach us:

  • You have something to say about an episode: Best way to let us know your comments or feedback in an episode is through the comments section on the episode.
  • You have more to say: We have an email ID - where you can reach out to us. We do respond to emails and love to hear from our listeners.
  • Social media?: Oh yeah, we are also on this social media thingy. You can find us on the following platforms:
    • Twitter - Certainly the fastest way to reach us.
    • Instagram - We post clips of episodes.
    • Facebook - Good place to keep a track of our releases.

We are based out of the lovely city of Bengaluru (Bangalore earlier). The climate here is fantastic throughout the year and we love this city. If you are around, feel free to drop us a note if you wanna meet up and chat. We love coffee and would love to get a coffee for you as well, like the one in the picture above.