An interview with a good friend and Bangalore's up and coming standup comedian Rupen Paul

Interview with a comic: Rupen Paul

Note from Shankar

Music was the reason why I acquainted with Rupen back in 2010 at Christ University. We were part of two college bands namely Zilch and Raaga. The acquaintance grew into friendship over the course of our college life, though our musical dreams died. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He is an aspiring stand up comedian who is sure to have his own Netflix special in the near future. So, tune in and get to know about the journey of one of the funniest comic Bangalore has ever seen.


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  • 00:33: Introduction
  • 06:25: Working 9-5
  • 10:30: Why music is harder than stand up
  • 11:11: Rupen’s journey from a computer grad to a standup comedian. The moment of revelation in Goa.
  • 16:44: Christite who inspired Rupen
  • 18:44: Getting into standup and the initial struggles
  • 27:34: The thought process of coming up with a joke
  • 33:17: Getting paid through stand up. How the negotiation works. Why does the freelance community needs a union? How can one person can screw things for the others? Why do people need to be assertive?
  • 41:00: Why should you learn to work under someone and as a team?
  • 44:13: People underestimating the concept of time and its effects. The importance of embracing the struggle (sufferings).
  • 49:03: Rupen’s bad standup experiences
  • 52:12: The joy in standup comedy and the responsibility it brings to the table.
  • 53:23: Difference between a good show and a bad show. Difference between standup and music. And another bad experience.
  • 58:21: Convincing parents, future plans
  • 59:56: Rupen’s standup influences
  • 01:01:32: Next gig on March 24th, Rangoli Arts Centre. Tickets up on BookMyShow
  • 01:03:14: A little bit about Rupen’s upcoming podcast - Right Room Podcast