We discuss about how we got into writing and the tools we use

Writing isn’t easy

Writing can be a daunting task. It can be extremely time-consuming. Or sometimes it becomes hard to put your ideas on paper. Over the course of our journey as a writers, We have come across various tools which helped us write better. And here, We are going to share some of it with you.

1. Grammarly

{11:58} Grammarly is among one of the best writing tools out there. It checks the spellings and grammar, with the ability to switch from American and British English. It also comes with an extension which you can add to your browser which is quite handy while framing emails or commenting on someones Facebook status. Saves you from the embarrassment of spelling and grammar mistakes. The paid version has a lot more features such as proofreading, plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement, and a lot more. But yeah, it costs around $11/month. One of the downside is Grammarly is not available on phones or tablet devices. You need to have a computer or laptop at your disposal to use it.

2. Hemmingway App

{13:12} If like an Indian, you need things for free, look for another tool called Hemmingway App. It is an app which “makes your writing Bold and Clear.” The thing cool about this tool is that it checks the readability and identifies adverbs, passive voices, simpler alternatives for words, hard and very hard sentences. The whole process of proofreading becomes so much easier.

3. Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

{16:02} As the plagiarism checker comes under the premium plan of Grammarly, we use Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker. It is as effective as Grammarly and helps you find out anything which is remotely plagiarised. Simple to use and easy to identify.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

{17:32} The Microsoft Word helps you transfer and share files by the use of OneDrive. You also get to store these files without wasting any space on my computer. So, when I am working remotely or do not have access to a computer, I use OneDrive to share the files with my clients. Google Drive is an alternative for you to store important files online. But OneDrive is integrated with Microsoft Word, which make the storage and sharing process a lot easier.

5. Celtx

{18:37} Celtx is a tool used for script writing. The ease to use, the ability to switch from scene to scene, the transition, writing dialogues, everything becomes so easy with Celtx.

6. Pixabay

{20:14} Pixabay is not so much of a tool, but it is a website where you can source royalty free images. I have been using the images from this website for almost all my blog posts. You can even edit the stock pictures to personalise for your use. You do not need any permission or licensing. Makes life a lot simpler.

7. Canva

{22:26} Sometimes the stock images sourced from Pixabay or any other royalty free image website might not suit in itself to be a blog post image. This calls for a bit of editing which can be done with Canva. It is one of the best editing tools that can be used online. You get the ability to make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts with ease using this handy tool. You will also find stock images on Canva which you can use for free.

8. Inkscape

{25:27} A logo plays an important part in the marketing aspect of any business. Inkscape is an amazing and easy to use tool for creating logos and manipulate with the existing pictures and turn them into vectors. It is easy to learn and if you have any plans to get into logo making you should check out Nick Saporito’s Inkscape tutorials. He explains it in detail and with complete correctness. Do go check his channel out.

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Image: Pixabay