Mars One makes ambitious claimes of putting man on Mars. How solid is the plan?

What is it?

Mars One is a mission started by Dutch entrepreneurs Bas Lansdorp and Arno A. Wielders to put humans on Mars starting with a one-way mission.

{00:48} SpaceX has revived the interest in space. Since the golden age of space back in the 60s and 70s, there has never been such interest in space as we have now. Thanks to Elon Musk, the private sector is taking over space.

{02:07} A little skepticism on the Mars One mission.

{03:42} Founded by Bas Lansdorp and Arno A. Wielders. The project has two entities - Mars On Foundation and Mars One Ventures. The foundation handles the funding and mission development which includes the recruitment of astronauts. Mars One ventures is the monetization part of Mars One Project.

{05:05} - Mars One plans to use existing technologies and borrowing hardware from other companies including SpaceX and Lockheed Martin. They believe no scientific breakthrough are needed for the mission.

{06:37} - How are the Astronauts are chosen for the mission? How the application process works? It is a one way mission.

{08:00} - Mars One have selected 100 personnel for the mission. It will be cut down to forty first. Then further cut down to twenty-four. The group of twenty-four are divided into four groups of six.

{09:22} - How many people applied for Mars One. The scam surrounding it. 200,000 estimated applicants, but later found out to be around 2000 to 4000 apllications.

{10:43} - The group of twenty-four are divided into four groups of six. We can be part of choosing the first group who goes to Mars. Like whaaat??!! Criteria for choosing the astronauts.

{12:29} - How qualified are the founders to take up such an ambitious project? Do they have prior experience in the field of space travel. How is Elon Musk and SpaceX different from Mars One?

{13:18} - People from more than 100 countries funding the programme.

{14:03} - The Timeline of Mars One. The changes it has gone through over the years. Postponing all the plans by eight to nine years.

{15:02} - Explanation on SpaceX Dragon and Falcon Heavy.

{17:10} - Mission objectives of Mars One. Setting up communication satellites.

{17:51} - Mars One public addressess. And our views on the project. The same old feeling of skepticism.

{18:38} - Have Mars One contacted SpaceX to procure the hardware? What was Elon Musk’s response? Reasons why Mars One can be a scam.

{20:53} - Build up to a Matt Damon Joke!

{21:27} - Funding of Mars One. Mars One Ventures takes care of all the funding part. The main sources of revenue generation are as follows:

  1. Broadcasting rights 
  2. Intellectual property rights
  3. Donations
  4. Merchandise

{24:33} - Acquiring profit through royalty from Astronauts. 75% of the an astronaut’s income through means such as interviews and sponsorship will go to Mars One.

{25:10} - The verdict.

  1. The views of Dr Joseph Roche.
  2. The biggest success or the biggest scam.